Nak bayar hutang untuk jadi monk

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Chin Chuan

Hello kind people out there,

I'm Malaysian Chinese, my name is Chong, I'm 32 right now. I have trouble in my career and economy, lacking of money and my job very unstable, because I'm doing sales, if can't hit target, will asked to resign.

I have car loan of 10k and ptptn loan of 11k

The main reason I want to get money is to lighten my debt, I'm still working to save money for future, because I want to train meditation in monastery for long term so I need some money because I have no job and income on that time. My final aim is to be monk, so I have to pay off all my debt, in the end I will give up all my property and become a monk cultivator. I hope someone will help me. Thank you.

5 months ago
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