Misi Kemanusiaan Pasca Gempa Bumi Cianjur, Indonesia

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Who we are:

Borderless Aid Volunteer (BRAVO) is an international volunteering project carried out by Fifth Residential College, The University of Malaya students. This project aims to provide assistance in terms of health, education, infrastructure, and social interaction to the underprivileged. BRAVO is committed to training students physically and mentally to become volunteers, using low-cost high-impact approaches.

Overview BRAVO 6.0:

BRAVO 6.0 will be held in Kabupaten Cianjur, Indonesia, from 5th to 11th September 2023. This long-term educational project focuses on volunteerism, community service, educational projects, social interaction, and healthcare. We have 39 dedicated volunteers and target groups include local residents of Kecamatan Warungkondang and students of Pesantren.

Why Cianjur?

Cianjur was chosen due to the earthquake disaster that occurred recently, causing significant damage and affecting the local community. We aim to provide much-needed assistance and support to the affected areas.

Our Project Activities:

# SEKOLAH CANTIK: Repairing facilities, making murals, and uplifting the atmosphere of schools.

# BRAVO GIFT: Serving the community through house-to-house visits and providing essential items.

# WATER FOR IBADAH: Building water filters using rainwater collection methods.

# WE SAFE HERE: Removing debris, marking dangerous areas, and ensuring safety.

# HERE IS THE WAY: Disposing of debris, placing warning signs, and maintaining road safety.

# MEDICAL CHECKUP: Conducting blood pressure examinations, consultations, and distributing medical kits.

# PERTOLONGAN CEMAS: Providing first aid basics and demonstrations.

# YUK, SIHAT BARENG: Promoting personal hygiene and bodybuilding.

# FARDHU AIN: Conducting practical lessons on slaughtering and dead body management.

# HAPPY GO TO SCHOOL: Organizing fun activities for children and boosting their morale.

# ALL AROUND THE WORLD: Promoting English language exposure and cultural awareness.

# WATER IS LIFE: Educating communities about the importance of clean water sources.

We want to express our most profound appreciation for taking the time to review our sponsorship proposal. Your support and contribution are invaluable to us, and we are truly grateful for your consideration. Your partnership will make a significant impact on the success of The Borderless Aid Volunteer Project (BRAVO) 6.0 and enable us to make a positive difference in the lives of the underprivileged.

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